Driving Caused You Trouble? Consider Taking Driver Improvement Courses

Have you recently been charged for a traffic violation, and you’re bent on avoiding another by changing the way you drive? Perhaps, even without a traffic violation, you’re still determined to improve on your driving and get sweet insurance discounts? You can always go to a driving school and take a Driver Improvement Course to further hone your driving skills.

A Quick Look at Driver Improvement Classes

Many people in Virginia and other parts of the country take Driver Improvement Classes for different reasons, though you’re most likely to meet drivers who’ve been given speeding or reckless driving tickets. After all, taking these classes is one way of mitigating your charges and get some points back on your license. If you have quite a spotless record, it’s even possible for your reckless driving charges to be dropped or dismissed.

Typically, these classes last for eight hours, though it’s up to you to decide whether you want to take these classes in the classroom or through an online course. You don’t have to take these eight hours in a row: you can split these hours based on your convenience. Once completed, you’ll receive a certificate of completion, and a copy will be electronically submitted to the DMV.

These classes are also offered to drivers of commercial vehicles, though at schools like 1 Stop Driving School, you can only take the classroom course.

Should You Take these Classes?

Keep in mind, though, that not everyone is eligible to take a Driver Improvement Course. For those charged with a traffic violation, you only have to take these classes if the court or the DMV orders you to do so. Otherwise, if you’re after the additional safe driver points and insurance discounts, you’re eligible to take these classes if you haven’t taken them in the past 24 months. Remember that you can receive up to 5 safe driving points once you’ve completed this course.

Of course, there are more reasons to consider attending a Driver Improvement Course. For one, you’ll be given the chance to improve on your driving and promote safety while on the road. Here, you’ll learn defensive driving techniques that may come in handy, especially in avoiding car crashes.

There’s no doubt that after taking this course, you’ll be a better driver playing a part in making the roads a safer place. Register in a classroom or online Driver Improvement Course at 1 Stop Driving School today!

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