Driver Improvement Clinic - Online Course Procedures

  • You may be taking this Driver Improvement Clinic for several reasons.
  • You may need to take it to satisfy a court order.
  • The DMV requires you to attend a clinic. You must complete the entire eight-hour course within 90 days. If you fail to complete the clinic by the DMV deadline, your driving privilege will be suspended until you meet this requirement.
  • Your license has been revoked and you are required to complete the course as part of your reinstatement process.
  • You may also volunteer to take this course at any age and have a Virginia driver’s license, and receive up to 5 safe driving points on your driving record. Students who satisfactorily complete this 8-hour course can now also get insurance premium reductions. Individuals should contact their insurance companies to advise as to whether or not they offer this discount for their insures.
  • To receive credit for the course and to receive your Certificate of Completion to satisfy court or DMV requirements you can take the final anywhere you want around the world. To satisfy a driver Improvement Clinic requirement, you must complete all 11 sessions of the Driver Improvement Clinic (DIC) online and pass the final exam.

1. To get started, simply click on the link provided in the registration email for the course.
2.If you are accessing the course for the first time, please click on the “SIGN UP” button.
3. Click the Enrollment Agreement Box stating, “By checking this box and clicking the submit button below, I am confirming that I have read and I agree to the Terms and Conditions.”
Click on the Continue to Registration button.
4. Fill out the registration form review the information and click the Register button.
5. Complete the Personal Validation Questions and submit the answers and proceed to the next page. Then you will need to click the Identity Validation box, indicating that you are the person taking the course.
6. The list of sections will appear. Click on the “start course” button to begin learning!
7. After completing each chapter of the program, you will take a short quiz. After passing each quiz you will continue to the next chapter.
8. You will take a final examination. This can be done any place you choose, even in the comfort of your own home. Upon passing the final examination, you will receive your Certificate of Completion on the same day.

*Please note that you can exit and re-enter the program at your own convenience. Our student progress monitoring feature allows you to pick up exactly where you left off.

*You must log in from the email sent to you when you registered for the online course

Once you have read the 11 sections and completed the Chapter Review Questions you will be permitted to take the final exam.

To receive credit for the course and to receive your Certificate of Completion you DO NOT have to go to a testing location. The final exam consists of 50 multiple-choice questions. Open book testing is not permitted. You must answer at least 40 questions correctly (80%) to pass the course. Your answers will be graded electronically and you will be informed immediately of your test results. You may retake the course on-line for free until you pass. However, per Virginia rules, you can only take the final exam once per calendar day.

*Failure to follow these steps will delay reporting your completion to the DMV.

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DOWNTIME can be related to your computer or your Internet connection. In this case, you must contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) directly.

Students having difficulties using the Internet or having problems that occur online may call for technical help at the HELP DESK 757-262-1446. Leave a message including YOUR NAME, PHONE NUMBER, TIME, DATE & QUESTION. A school representative will return your call as soon as possible.